Transform Addictions

These CDs integrate proven psychological and hypnotic techniques with powerful, cutting-edge audio technology. The psychological and hypnotic techniques have been successfully used for 30 years in Dr. Samko’s practice and have helped many individuals overcome their addictions. The audio technology on the CDs incorporates sound frequencies that facilitate brain

wave patterns to resonate in time with built-in pulse rate patterns integrated into the voice recording. The audio also utilizes special effects, nature sounds and a unique form of positive suggestion using triple voice patterns that was developed exclusively by Dr. Samko based on years of training in the field of psychology and hypnotherapy.

The intention of the program is to build an inner awareness of yourself that helps strengthen your own inner resources. This in turn creates emotional independence and allows you to break away from dependencies on external objects that you have relied on to cope with negative situations or for general well being.

2-CD Set (includes shipping)


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