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Therapy & Coaching in San Diego North County

About Dr. Samko

Michael Samko, Ph.D. is a San Diego Psychologist based in North County. License # psy5420


Offering therapy and coaching for individuals and families, in office or over the phone.


I offer phone and Zoom sessions, and office visits in Oceanside and Solana Beach.

Harmony in Therapy & Practice

I was fortunate to study with Milton Erickson, known as the father of modern hypnotherapy, at his home during a four year period. This article shows how his breakthrough concepts and methods in the field parallel the art of Aikido, making the techniques I use in sessions effective tools for overcoming obstacles in life and helping individuals reach their full potential.

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Audio Programs for Performance, Addictions and Pain Management

While I offer general practice therapy in many treatment areas, I have developed three particular specialties over the years and have developed resources in those areas that people can use on their own.

These resources are in the form of audio programs that utilize hypnotic techniques I often use in sessions.

Exam Prep

Pain Management

Break Addictions

Self Exploration