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These CDs were designed to be used when preparing for professional exams such as the Bar exam, CPA exam, medical boards, licensing exams or for general college exams. They may also be useful in preparing for public speaking and artistic or athletic performances. The program incorporates psychological and hypnotic principles. The background sounds were specifically created to facilitate brain waves that resonate

These CDs are designed to help listeners manage pain both physically and emotionally and to help them sleep better. All three CDs use hypnotic principals with sound, voice, music and imagery. These hypnotic tools can create a relaxed, trance-like state that can help listeners become more receptive to positive suggestions and refocus their attention away from pain. Scientific research has indicated that the use of clinical hypnosis can help manage pain.

The three CDs in this set address issues related to both chronic and acute pain. They are designed to enhance any treatment program listeners may already have in place. The cost of these CDs may be covered by health insurance.

The intent of these CDs is to empower listeners with new coping skills. This will hopefully make them less reliant on medication. In clinical practice, we have found that people who listen to the pain management CD while waiting for their morning medications to take effect experience less pain throughout the day.

We have also found that the sleep CD helps an individual fall asleep at night. In addition, people in pain tend to awaken in the night and have trouble falling back to sleep due to the pain. We recommend that people keep a portable CD player next to their bed and listen to the CD until they fall asleep.

The music only CD is designed to give listeners the freedom to manage pain in their own creative and individual way. It can be used to facilitate both the meditative process and for sleep. Most importantly, it will help them to relax.

in time with built-in pulse rate patterns designed into the sound of the voice on the CDs. This process helps create a relaxed and focused state that can improve learning, memory and performance, plus achieve a confident “zone” state-of-mind.

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